The Luxurious Side to Siem Reap


I don’t know about you, but I find that in Asia I tend to walk a lot.

After a long and busy conference near Phnom Penh AND a busy day walking around Angkor Wat, my friends and I were hot, sticky and dusty. All we wanted was air conditioning and to put our feet up!

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The awe of Angkor Wat

Apologies for the silence from me! Since I went to Cambodia in March, I have also been to Indonesia, Nepal (to help with the earthquake relief) and New Zealand. SO much has been going on, which means that there are a lot of blog posts to come!

Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list, and I’m sure yours too, for a long time now – ever since I started to travel without my parents in my late teens. However, it just seemed like the place that always got away from me! Many of my friends went on mission trips to Cambodia, but I always seemed to have something else more important happening at the time that would prevent me from joining them.

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