The Luxurious Side to Siem Reap


I don’t know about you, but I find that in Asia I tend to walk a lot.

After a long and busy conference near Phnom Penh AND a busy day walking around Angkor Wat, my friends and I were hot, sticky and dusty. All we wanted was air conditioning and to put our feet up!

Enter, the solution to our problems: Bodia Spa

My friend and I were happy to just get any, and I mean any massage. Even the dirt cheap ones that are done out in the open and by the side of the road. But lucky we listened to our colleague who suggested we spoil ourselves and really experience relaxation at its finest.

It really was a spa for all of your senses, from the delightful aromas to the carefully designed interior, you immediately feel relaxed as you enter and leave the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap behind you.


Once you have chosen your desired massage type and essential oil, you are greeted with green tea to enjoy while you wait. You then leave your shoes in a basket and are given woven sandals to wear inside. Your feet are then placed in a warm bowl of water to wash away the dust of Siem Reap. The silence together with the carefully lit rooms immediately put you at ease. It is not just about the ambiance, the spa or massage you are about to have, but about the experience from when you arrive to when you leave.

The attention to detail at Bodia Spa is like none other. As you lay down on the massage table and look through the hole, there sits a bowl with a floating lily and tea light candles scattered around. No matter where your eye looks, it is met with little vignettes of beauty. I can’t exactly remember what happened during the massage as I may have fallen asleep! It was amazing though and just what I needed.

Upon departure you are able to purchase Bodia essential oils and soaps which are all made in Cambodia. And just when you thought your experience was all over, another cup of delicious tea finds it way to you to prepare you for reality.




Make sure you make a booking in advance!

Old Market (Phsa Chas)
above U-Care Pharmacy
Siem Reap
Phone:  +855(0) 63 761 593

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