Camarines Norte: Instagram Travel Diary

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Tagaytay fun in a day

Tagaytay 2To celebrate our recent Wedding Anniversary, my husband and I decided to take it easy and explore nearby Tagaytay.

Famously known as the main city on the rim of Taal lake and volcano, it’s only 55km from Manila and only  a 25 peso (approx. 70cents) bus ride from where we live, which is only about 20mins away.

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Manila cafés that would rival Sydney’s best

IMG_444622231I have been missing the breakfast/brunch café culture of Sydney in recent weeks. For those that have visited Australia, you would have noticed people on the weekend and their slow mornings spent sitting in the sun with friends, eating delicious avocado and smoked salmon on toast, while casually sipping their green juice…YUM! I did some digging to find something to satisfy my taste buds and found a café or two (with some help from my niece who lives in Manila) that would hopefully do the trick.

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Palawan Part I: El Nido

Palawan 5 Before we left for our end of year holidays people told me,

“Typhoons never reach Palawan because it’s too far west!”

“The end of December and early January are the driest and best times to visit Palawan!”

I can definitely dispel both of those sayings and say first hand that they are myths!

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